Microsoft’s ‘7 Star Challenge’? Come join us on Facebook for a match!

Calling all Windows 7 lovers out there! If you think you know Windows 7 like the back of your hand and have truly mastered the most popular OS, it’s time to put your Windows 7 knowledge to the test with the ‘7 Star Challenge’ on Microsoft India’s official Facebook community page – Windows & Me. The ‘7 Star Challenge’ is a fun-filled and interactive challenge meant for you – a Windows 7 enthusiast. This challenge is hosted on Microsoft India’s official page ‘Windows and Me’, which already has close to 2 lac fans today and is increasing by the hour.

For the ‘7 Star Challenge’ all you have to do is answer 7 tough questions around Windows 7 features in a stipulated time. With each correct answer you will earn a star and once you earn all the 7 stars you win the challenge! The challenge also gives you an option of ‘Just play’, a feature which lets you practice for the ‘big challenge’, and ’enter the contest’ – the actual 7 Star Challenge itself. It is an engaging & interesting way to know about the cool & most loved features of Windows 7 like HomeGroup that lets you access files from your home PC from just about anywhere; Jumplist, which gives easy access to your favorite pictures, songs, websites, and documents & Aero Snap, a quick (and fun!) way to re-size and compare windows on your desktop.

Once you win the challenge and have proved your mettle, you are then eligible to join the prestigious Windows 7 Premier club on the Windows & Me community on Facebook. This premium recognition will be bestowed on the top scorers of the 7 Star Challenges. You can also publish your high scores on your Facebook page and flaunt it to your friends. Guess what, you can even challenge your friends to beat your score of the 7 Star Challenge game.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on this link to know if you are a Windows 7 Master 😉 and quickly grab your place in the club.!

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