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I will be speaking at the Microsoft Teched India 2011

I will be talking at the Microsoft Teched 2011 this week. In this event, I will have a session on “Testing and Fixing Apps on Windows 7 using ACT 5.6”., which would cover the Application Compatibility Manager, Shims, The IECTT, Standard User Analyzer, and Setup Analysis tool.


Microsoft Tech-Ed India 2011 is the premier technology event of the year for IT professionals and developers. It’s the forum to learn, connect, explore, and evolve. I would recommend you to attend this event, because you will learn about today’s cutting-edge trends, thereby enhancing your work profile and getting ahead of the rest. But the most important benefit of all just might be the networking opportunity that this forum will provide you… you can build personal connections with Microsoft experts and peers that will last far beyond this event!

It feels good to share the information that, I will be speaking at this year’s event! I will be talking on “Testing and Fixing Apps on Windows 7 using ACT 5.6”.

My session is in the “Infra Professionals” track on Day 2, (4.15 to 5.15 PM). This talk will outline these below points

  • Core OS changes which the Windows 7 Operating System has undergone and how it would affect the Line of Business applications.
  • Top focus areas when you move to Win 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit Platforms).
  • Brief explanation on the various methods to mitigate the compatibility issues.
    • Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 – Basics, Setup Instructions, Analyzing the ACT reports, Standard User Analyzer and Shims.
    • Overview of Microsoft Virtualization Solutions like Remote Application Hosting, Virtualize Applications and Desktop Virtualization.
  • Look at some of the simple steps to fix these broken applications using Compat modes, Shims and Windows XP Mode.

Hope this session is well accepted and I get a good feedback!

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