Webinar: Simplifying Application Virtualization Adoption

Adopting virtualization is a great idea, but how to get started? What applications should be virtualized? How can they be easily prepared? How much time will this take –and how much will it cost? If something goes wrong with an application, what are the troubleshooting steps? Learn how to avoid risk, save time and reduce the budget for a virtualization project by automating the application preparation process.

Looking for a faster, easier option for adopting virtualization technologies? Let App-DNA show how to simplify the forward path to new technology—from Microsoft App-V and Citrix XenApp to Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, XenDesktop and Server 2008 R2.

  • Remove uncertainty in determining what resources, time and skills are needed to start a virtualization project – or move forward an existing proof of concept
  • Determine the success of applications on your desired virtualization platform (or Windows 7/IE 8 ) — without spending hours on tedious manual testing
  • Streamline internal processes around preparing applications for virtualization – without learning how to Sequence
  • Accelerate the application virtualization process by empowering application owners with access to create their own App-V ready application packages

App-DNA will show how you don’t need to be a virtualization guru to successfully implement a virtualization project. Automate the process with application management software to field your virtualization project —and your ongoing OS migrations.

Join App-DNA and DABCC for an informative webinar Wednesday, Jan 26 1pm Eastern US/6 pm GMT






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