SolarWinds Acquires Hyper9, Sets Sights on Application Performance Management Space

SolarWinds, Inc. (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software to more than 97,000 customers worldwide, today announced that it is set to address the unmet and growing needs of systems and virtualization administrators. The company is entering the application performance and virtualization management markets through the launch of SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM) and the acquisition of Hyper9, a privately-held virtualization management software provider based in Austin, TX.

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SolarWinds is entering the application performance and virtualization management markets through the launch of SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM) and the acquisition of Hyper9 and its next-generation virtualization management products.

  • The company’s experience in making powerful, easy to use network and storage management products accessible to users in a wide range of businesses gives it an advantage in addressing the unmet needs of IT organizations as they work to ensure the performance and availability of business-critical applications and virtual infrastructure.
  • The SolarWinds product family now covers the fundamental aspects of business-critical applications and IT infrastructure – network, storage and systems –with integrated visibility into both virtual and physical environments.
  • The company believes that a strong entry into these markets represents an opportunity for continued growth and brand expansion in the IT management space.

“The past couple of years have brought about significant changes in the IT management market.  Between the rapid adoption of virtualization technology and the explosion of ’business-critical’ applications, IT organizations – from the small and medium enterprise to the Global 2000 – are faced with a more dynamic management challenge than ever before,” said Kevin Thompson, President and CEO, SolarWinds. “And, for most users, the current crop of management offerings in both application performance management and virtualization management don’t cut it.”

“The pace of technology changes is forcing sysadmins and other IT users to search for purpose-built solutions that can actually solve their problems and make the job of managing their IT environment easier. We believe that we have established in the network management market, and more recently with our move into storage management, that our model of ’powerful, affordable and easy to use’ is attractive to IT users,” continued Thompson. “We believe that the time is right to deliver the SolarWinds value proposition to the application and virtualization management markets. Through the launch of SolarWinds APM and the acquisition of Hyper9, we believe that we can immediately solve many of the problems faced by today’s system and virtualization administrators and continue to expand SolarWinds’ footprint in the IT management market.”

SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor (APM)

  • SolarWinds is launching its application performance management product.  SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor is a comprehensive application and server management product that provides visibility into the performance of critical IT services, the underlying application components, the operating system, and the Windows, Unix and Linux server resources on which they run.
  • SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor pricing starts at $2,495 (USD), with the first year of maintenance included. For more information, visit the SolarWinds website, download a free 30-day evaluation, or call 866.530.8100.

Hyper9 Acquisition

  • Hyper9’s virtualization management offering adds optimization, capacity planning, configuration and chargeback reporting for virtualized server environments to the SolarWinds portfolio.
  • SolarWinds expects to offer the virtualization management products at pricing starting at $3000 (USD), including the first year of maintenance – a fraction of the cost of current virtualization management providers. This price point will make the SolarWinds offering one of the most comprehensive and affordable virtualization management offerings in the market.
  • For more information on Hyper9 and the company’s portfolio of virtualization management solutions, visit

“The launch of the latest SolarWinds APM and the acquisition of Hyper9 give us an extremely compelling value proposition for systems and virtual admins, specifically, as well as for integrated IT organizations.  We believe that IT organizations are tired of ‘making do’ with solutions that are too complex, too expensive and aren’t responsive enough to address rapid changes in technology or the dynamic needs created by today’s IT reality,” said Suku Krishnaraj, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, SolarWinds.

“Our vision is to solve the problems that systems administrators, network engineers, storage administrators, and virtualization administrators face with individual products or by using the power of our various products collectively to get an end-to-end view of the whole IT environment – physical and virtual,” continued Krishnaraj. “We can grow with our customers’ needs, easily and affordably.”

Courtesy: Aubrey Levinstone, The Hoffman Agency

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