Webinar: Expanding Agile Practices to Software Installation Development

Commercial and enterprise developers face the challenge of developing and deploying new applications with agility. An important part of agile methodologies is the ability to quickly add and test new features, and deploy those features for immediate business use. Watch this Webinar from Visual Studio Magazine to learn how to build software installations according to agile best practices.

Webinar: Expanding Agile Practices to Software Installation Development
Date: Available to view now

In this on-demand Webinar from Visual Studio Magazine, learn about the challenges that agile teams face in building and deploying applications rapidly and how best practices in installation development strategy and technology are key to the success of any agile development team.

Learn how:

  • Agile methodologies are designed to support rapid application building and deployment at any time
  • Application installation development has moved from an individual to a team effort
  • Best practices can accelerate application building and deployment while also ensuring a high-quality installation experience

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