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Cloud computing has clearly emerged as a viable means for delivering IT services. Less obvious, though, is how to identify the potential role of cloud computing in your organization and adapt this new model of service delivery.

Free 219-Page book on Cloud Computing from Realtime NexusIn The Definitive Guide to Cloud Computing, author Dan Sullivan provides IT managers, system architects, and IT service consumers with the information they need to understand the advantages of cloud computing, the options for deploying cloud infrastructure, and the means to transition to cloud-based service delivery. This Definitive Guide provides a road map to implementation that starts with defining key characteristics of cloud computing and moves through identifying, planning, and implementing cloud service delivery. Other critical topics, such as governance, security, and growth are addressed as well.

This complete book includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Changing the Way We Deliver Services with Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 2: Demystifying Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 3: Enabling Business Innovation by using Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 4: How Cloud Computing Will Help Your Business
  • Chapter 5: Strategies for Moving to the Cloud
  • Chapter 6: Identifying the Right Cloud Architecture for Your Business
  • Chapter 7: Roadmap to Cloud Computing: The Planning Phase
  • Chapter 8: Roadmap to Cloud Computing: The Implementation Phase
  • Chapter 9: Maintaining a Cloud Environment: Governance, Growth and Security
  • Chapter 10: Key Steps in Establishing Enterprise Cloud Computing Services

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