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Every SharePoint administrator knows the challenge of dealing with SharePoint: The business wants to put everything in SharePoint so that as much data as possible is centrally located and managed; doing so, however, bloats the SharePoint SQL database and creates an administrative nightmare. How can you find your happy medium? How can you get as much data as possible into SharePoint – searchable, version-controlled, and secured – while keeping your database as trim as possible?

Book on SharePoint Storage OptimizationThe answer is storage optimization, and it’s the subject of Intelligently Reducing SharePoint Costs Through Storage Optimization by noted industry expert Don Jones. You’ll learn how to optimize SharePoint for the inclusion of large content items, external content items (like databases, shared files, and media files), and even “dormant” content that you no longer actively need – but can’t afford to get rid of.

This complete book includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Problem with SharePoint Storage
  • Chapter 2: Optimizing SharePoint Storage for Large Content Items
  • Chapter 3: Optimizing SharePoint Storage for External or Legacy Content
  • Chapter 4: Optimizing SharePoint Storage for Dormant and Archived Content

Download the complete 69-page book today!

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  1. SharePoint storage optimization is a big challenge and is really important to keep SharePoint running smoothly, SharePoint use SQL at its back-end for storage purpose which is not at all a good data base especially when we talk about BLOBs..  There are many tools available in the market by using which this problem can be resolved easily.
    While selecting third party tools for SharePoint storage optimization please make sure that the tool should have the ability to externalize blobs to Cache Lists and BLOBs and for data security it should have Encryption of Content, File Shredding, Compression & Encrypted File Names etc..

    I would recommend StorageEdge which has all these facilities at a very affordable price.

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