OnePlus 2 – A Great Android Phone; Definitely not a Flagship Killer!

Hello people; I am back with a review after a long time. I have the all new OnePlus 2 with me in this article. Well, to be honest, It’s too late to review this phone. I’m sure, you would’ve come across quite a few takes. If you would still like to read a detailed review, I recommend you read this well written article on TechPP

This piece would primarily focus on my thoughts of  the “Yay” and “Nay”s of the OnePlus 2. There are few things I love about this phone. The hardware is beautiful. It feels fantastic in hand; the weight is nice and well balanced. The elements used definitely feels good. I personally love the alert slider button which changes the notification options. This is a very nifty example of a software driven hardware implementation. Here are some of the pictures of the device itself.

Camera Picture Samples: As you see in the pictures below, most of them were shot in the Auto Mode. However, you can still see the exposure settings being calculated so well. The details are very neat and so are the colour saturation. The DOF (Depth of Field) feels very neat and simple; most importantly, realistic.

Should I upgrade? – This totally depends on what device are you using? If you are already on a OnePlus One, I do not see a reason for you to upgrade, unless you need a finger print protection to your phone or a Dual SIM. If you are in the market looking to buy an Android phone under 25000 INR, this is the best phone you can buy today*. *conditions apply, if you manage to get an invite!

Hey Team @ OnePlus, here are my thoughts and feedback on the OnePlus 2 –


    1. The VR Launch was by far the best creative launches, I have ever attended or seen. Kudos to the team to for have planned such a great event and its brilliant execution.
    2. I like the weight of the device; it isn’t light, but feels so comfortable and yet nice feel of a premium phone in hand.
    3. I love the alert slider button; that’s one of the best little features I love about the OnePlus 2. Great thought and attention to detail. Taking about buttons, the feel is very good and the buttons definitely feel premium.
    4. The sandstone texture is an instant connect with OnePlus; most of them can just close their eyes and will be able to guess your brand with just a feel.
    5. The Touch ID is super responsive and fast.
    6. I like the fact, you sticked with the 1080p screen and not the QHD; works good on an everyday phone, plus saves up on battery!
    7. The camera is too good; the DOF is very pleasing on eyes and it doesn’t look too fake.


  • The OnePlus One had a great packaging; the OnePlus 2 looks too plain jane.
  • I think, we should talk more about experience than specs; To be honest, Android is still not really rich to leverage great hardware. I cannot see a visible difference between a 3GB RAM and a 4GB RAM device. Unless you wanna show the strengths with Benchmark scores.
  • I am not able to understand the idea behind giving a removable back, just for the SIMs? I mean, you had a great way of putting things together in the OnePlus One. The flap feels too thin much like how Samsung did it years ago. With the flap’s locking mechanism in-place, I am not sure, how many iterations will it live it up.
  • I’m surprised, how every mobile company has mastered the art of Depth of Field. There should be more research and focus on providing better low light capabilities; and if possible more realistic Slo-Mos. I think, there is still a long way to improve on these two areas. I still love my Slo-Mos on my iPhone.
  • The camera app needs refinement; It isn’t easy to toggle between different camera modes. Also, you could give the user an option to have a transparent shutter button which would show a 16:9 on the screen than just 4:3. I am not sure, if there was a mode to do that; bcos, the UI was very sluggish to even look for it.
  • The Touch ID – This touchscreen has a design of a button; most of the times, you end up pressing than touch. Not sure, again why the design was made to standout if it had to be just a touch; it could’ve been a plain simple glass slab, than a button design.
  • The USB Type C is good; certainly feels special, but I still cannot understand why we need it at this moment. Because, other than using it both the sides, I don’t see any other major advantage listed or supported.
  • Fast Charging is a key, especially when we use our phones so much these days.
  • NFC is not something I really miss; but then, it wouldn’t have hurt if the OP2 had it. Honestly, I don’t see any major implementation of Android Pay in the market as of now, wonder when that would change.
  • The phone does heat up a bit; though its quite common in smartphone these days, it would be great to implement a special juice on Oxygen which would tweak the hardware when a heavy intense game or app is loaded.
  • I would’ve loved to see a 128GB model as well. I save a lot of photographs and music on my device. With loading over 80% of the data on the phone, the device starts to feel sluggish in performance. I use a iPhone 128GB model, it almost adapted so well to my needs; with still quite a space left and is super responsive.
  • With using 4G LTE on one of the SIMs, I see that the battery doesn’t last as much as it used to on the OnePlus One. Not sure why.
  • The Oxygen OS needs a lot of refinements as well.
  • Hype; by hype, I mean the Invites. I am sure, there would’ve been a realistic forecast about the expectations people would have of this device. If you didn’t, you should seriously consider hiring someone who is good at forecasting and numbers. Making people run around for invites might sound cool, but then, as a premium buyer, I would love something which is there for my perusal and not hunt for the same. There isn’t an attitude here; but as a genuine buyer, who respects and values your brand, I deserve to get some respect in return.
  • Please do something to the Android Ecosystem. I’m sure, you guys have an authority to bring in a change; drive some interesting things with partnering other companies. There are very few apps which are aesthetically great and good to use on Android. However, many out there are just crappy and lack quality with too many ads and pop-ups. The percentage of Great apps (free or paid) on an iPhone is way too large when compared to Android.

Summing up, did it impress me like the OnePlus One? I so wish, if it had. OnePlus 2 is undoubtedly the best smartphone one can buy under 25000 INR. Is it a flagship killer? Probably, No. There are few more areas which needs attention and I am sure/hope the company is working on the same. Of-course, they know the business better than what I do!


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