About.me – Your Single Online Identity Page for all your Activities.!

Most of us have multiple online profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter. And one problem we face is pulling all of this information together to build a single on-line identity. About.me is a new place where you can create one single dynamic profile page for all your online profile activities.

You have options to add your Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Status, Blog RSS, Flickr Pictures and even custom URLs as well.  More good, you can also get analytics on how many viewed your profile and understand where they’re coming from, and what they do on your page!

Example Dashboard
Example Dashboard – Courtesy: about.me

About.me is in private beta as of now., and you cannot create your profile right away! However, you can go ahead and reserve your names – if the username you are looking for is available, they’ll reserve it for you and will send you a confirmation. Request your access here – http://about.me/

I have created a profile page for myself – http://about.me/vj

Vijay Raj

Here are few other sample pages – (About.me Team)

Ryan Freitas

Timothy Young

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    1. Larry, this is primarily a splash page about us for others. One single page, which would show all your social media activities (it’s not just links, it also pulls the feeds from each of the services and displays).

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