Pitch your Social Story – Simply Social, Social Event of the Year!

Social media is here and here to stay, right now only the early birds have got on to this great medium to realize it’s power and use its potential. Numbers show that we have just started embracing Social Media and connecting with the vast number of customers or potential leads with it. There are the talented and timely few who have made this platform their own and have already made a mark on it. It could be just a blog or a Facebook campaign or a full blown, well funded campaign.

The team at Buzzom think that it is time for the successful social media adopters to stand up and be seen. There are many of you who believe that you are one of the select few. This is your chance! Let us know and if your social media success story is indeed worthy of mention and recognition, they will do it for you!  Yes, if you think you have used an innovative approach in social media and used it to promote/ market your business/ brand better, please let us know.

You can nominate your campaign by clicking here

The shortlisted campaigns will be showcased in Buzzom Social Media Bootstrapping on Oct 23rd. Be seen in the full glare of media and share your success story for others to get inspired and follow. This is a unique opportunity to be heard for your efforts.






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