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Complete eBook: Windows Server 2008 Features – by Don Jones

Are you using – or preparing to use – Windows Server 2008? Make sure you’re not just upgrading the OS, but also upgrading what you do with it by taking advantage of new features, new techniques, and subtle new capabilities. IT guru Don Jones guides you through WIndows Server 2008’s most important new capabilities in a short, tip-focused format that helps you immediately take advantage of the greatest new features. Walk through installing a Server Core domain controller, secure Windows PowerShell, use a Read-Only Domain Controller, and much, much more…

Brief Contents of the Book:

Volume 1: Server Core Domain Controllers, Read-Only Domain Controllers, CHKDSK, IIS7
Volume 2: Windows Server Backup, Using Windows PowerShell, and Understanding Hyper-V
Volume 3: Remote Server Manager, Leveraging Server Core, Deleted AD Object Recovery, Classifying Files, and Remote Command-Line Administration
Volume 4: Configuring Server Core in Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft’s Many Virtualization¬†Options, The New Windows Log Files, and Geographically-Dispersed Cluster Nodes

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