Cloud – fueling the “always connected” consumer trend

Its 9:06 pm on a Wednesday night. I am sitting in the Bengaluru airport by myself and eating a nasty airport Podi idli. As I wait for my flight I find myself wondering about the two things keeping me entertained at that moment – my smart phone and social media. I was compelled to think about the beautiful intersection of these two powerful trends, and how their combination has catalysed the birth of a compelling “trend” – “Always connected”

I can’t help but ponder that back at home where I am longing to get to, me and my roommate own a series of disparate devices – 2 laptops each, 1 tablet each, 1 smart phone each and a big TV; that’s a total of 9 devices! I am not trying to paint a picture of extreme addiction to digital world, but the scenario is a reality with all of us today. This goes a long way in saying that the trend in young consumers today is heading towards owning tiny, many pieces of technologies each having unique apps and services which makes them meaningful to us in a specific way. Additionally the ‘Internet of Things (IOT)’, is perceived to make debut this decade, will only make more connected devices available. An interesting phenomenon that will propel the need for IT and developers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new ways and techniques for quickly weaving solutions that the consumers like using.

I would like to believe that consumers know what they want, they are enlightened and imaginative in how they think technology can solve their problems. In order to win today’s consumer, one has to build solutions that bring people close to each other while they are on the go, solutions that enable working people to work from anywhere, solutions that lets peoples share their thoughts, locations and reviews on just about anything from just about anywhere. Solutions that reimagine mobility for people. And most importantly solutions that can reach consumer as soon as possible!

It would make sense therefore to spend maximum time and energy into brainstorming meaningful solutions rather than provisioning infrastructure for such solutions, and given a choice – have someone else can do it for! And that’s where cloud vendors plays a very crucial role. If there is one thing that I can say with full conviction today is that, to meet the increasingly unpredictable demand of consumers who are evidently making things go viral on social media without any fair warning, the auto scaling feature of cloud computing makes the most sense.

The immense server capabilities, storage options, website hosting plans, mobile app notification, video streaming services etcetera that the cloud vendors offer out-of-the box, makes it walk-in-park easy for the solutions developer to get their ideas across to the consumers at a pace much-much faster than what they are previously used to. Whether it’s the payment model, or the services offered, the reliable cloud vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, all in all make a compelling strategy which is ready to take on full responsibility of future.

Cloud is here to stay to fuel mobility and encourage connected-ness in consumers. Have you tried it yet?

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