Google’s Two Step Authentication model for Google Apps Users

Google Apps Premier, Education and Government Edition administrators can now have users sign in with the combination of their password (something they know) and a one-time verification code provided by a mobile phone (something they have). Users can continue to access Google Apps from Internet-connected devices, but with stronger protections to help fend off risks like phishing scams and password reuse. For the first time, we’re making this technology accessible to organizations large and small without the costs and complexities that have historically limited two-step verification to large enterprises with deep pockets. Furthermore, in the coming months, Standard Edition and hundreds of millions of individual Google users will be able to enjoy this feature as well.

Google Two-Step Verification

Courtesy: Google Official weblog

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  1. The two-step verification is great for users when it comes to security, but one thing to keep in mind is security with e-mails. Rules such as, ‘do not forward’ or ‘view only’ is not supported, so you may not have the control over keeping business critical e-mail restricted.

    Take a look the whitepaper, “Learn about five areas to consider before you rely on Google Apps for your business” for more info: (Send me a request and I’ll e-mail the whitepaper directly).

    Jodi E.
    Microsoft SMB Outreach Team

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