Seven Key Android M Features discussed at the Google IO 2015 today

The Android M is available today for developers; the public release is scheduled for Q3 2015. Here are some of the features discussed at the Google IO Today.

  1. Permissions: Apps only ask for permissions only when you try to use the feature, instead of when you first install it. This is pretty much similar to how iPhones have been working. For e.g.: When you try to take a photograph inside the WhatsApp application, you get a permission notification. That also means, you don’t need to approve permissions every-time the application gets updated.
  2. Chrome custom tabs: As a developer if you want to give a browser view inside your app, you can currently do it with a web-view or move the user out of the app to the browser. Chrome Custom Tabs exactly addresses this. It looks like an in-app browser, but it’s actually Chrome. As its a chrome browser, it comes with its goodies of Sign-in option, saved passwords, Auto-fill and the multi-level security.
  3. App Links: With Android M, apps can “verify” themselves for certain tasks. For e.g.: Twitter links, can just opens the Twitter app, every time. You don’t have that painful dialog to choose which app you want to use when you click a link.
  4. Android Pay: This was expected. This is Google’s solution to ApplePay. The Android Pay uses NFC and Host Card Emulation. Android Pay is an open platform; so you can either use Google’s stuff or use the bank’s app to activate it. Unlike the Google Wallet announcement they did years ago, they have a solid implementation plan. The Android Pay will work in 700,000 stores in the US. It also works in-app, for in-app purchases. Android Pay works with any KitKat or later device.
  5. Finger Print Reader Support: After Samsung and Motorola taking a lead, Google now wants to have a official fingerprint reader support right into Android.
  6. Battery Life, Power: There’s a new feature called ‘Doze’ in Android M. Doze uses motion detection. That means, If your phone doesn’t move in a while, it cuts off the apps. However, the alarms and chat notifications still come through. You can also use your Android phone to charge some other device. Again, thats not very unique. Most of the OEMs have done that already.
  7. USB Type-C: The USB Type-C is going to be supported on Android M; the chances are likely that, the new Nexus Phone would come with a USB Type-C port on it.

The developer preview is available today for Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player.

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