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Webinar: In-depth demonstration of AOK Browse-it Tool

This webcast on AOK Browse-it will provide a demo of the product – loading website source media and URLs, Rendering issues, running and showing new reports and showing the fixing capability. This will be a more in-depth demo.

With the launch of Windows 7 and IE8 as the embedded browser, compatibility for web-based applications and websites is crucial to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient migration. In 2010 web applications now outnumber native installed applications by a ratio of 1.2 to 1. This trend towards adoption of web-based applications makes it critical for organisations to be able to ensure compatibility.

ChangeBASE’s latest Plug-in for browsers, AOK Browse-It, enables organisations to speed-up their migrations to IE8 by overcoming this last compatibility hurdle.

Join the AOK Team on Monday 23rd  August, 2010 (4pm BST/ 11am EST / 8am PST / 5pm CET) for an one hour webinar with Chief Technology Architect, Greg Lambert to find out the below.

The categories of compatibility challenges facing organisations migrating to IE8 including:

  • Compatibility of web-based applications that need to integrate with the browser to enable functionality
  • Rendering issues where a website, rather than an application, may not render or display correctly or certain buttons or links may not work

How AOK Browse-It can address these concerns and enable a smooth and easy migration

In-depth demonstration of AOK Browse-it including enhanced granular reporting

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this is an interesting information. this will be of great help to qa engineers who perform browser testing of their core and upgrades

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