Google Alarm – A FireFox Add-On / Chrome Extension to Alert You!

This is a sooper cool FireFox Add-On which notifies when Google is monitoring your Web Browsing. In other words, when Google Analytics is tracking your browser to send back some metrics. The Google Alarm Firefox addon visually & audibly alerts you when your personal information is being sent to Google servers.

Wilkinson released this alarm plug-in on his website last week!

Even outside Gmail and YouTube you are constantly sending information to Google through their vast network of tracking bugs: Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube embeds, API calls.. all of this data be used to monitor & track your personal web browsing habits.

Google Alarm shows notifications, plays sound effects and keeps running stats about the % of websites you’ve visit with Google bugs present. Web users who install this browser plug-in hear a loud, buzzing noise whenever they visit a website that relays information to Google!

A No-Sound Version is also Available!

To Know how to Avoid or Stop Google Analytics Script from monitoring your Web Browser – Read this Article



  1. It is possible Raghav. Check in the same article. I hav mentioned, how to stop or avoid Google analytics monitor your web Browsing..!

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