K-MUG Office 2010 Community Launch

Microsoft Office 2010 is a productivity suite from Microsoft. This is the latest edition in the suite of office products. Right from the office 97 till the 2010 version, the product has evolved a long way from just a software towards being a platform.

Office 2010 includes extended file format support, user interface updates, and a refined user experience. Office 2010 marks the debut of free online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which work in popular web browsers.

Last weekend, there was an Office 2010 Community launch at K-MUG during the DevCon. We did have a combination of students, developers and technology enthusiasts as our audience. We didn’t want it to be, just another conventional presentation. I am Rama were discussing on how to build a story line around the Office 2010 demos. That’s when; the Football World Cup came to our mind. We planned a scenario of a restaurant owner who wants to host a World Cup party at his place. Keeping this in mind, I showcased some key features of the Office Suite of products during this demo which can be used –

  • How one can do a brainstorming talk with his team using OneNote 2010, syncing it with mobile and different users.
  • Take a screenshot right inside the word or power Point, instead of using a print screen and then editing it in paint.
  • Image editing capabilities to remove the background of an image
  • Artistic features to design an image – Without using a third party software.
  • Pinning a document to the recent list, or jump list for easy access
  • How to add Visual text effects in Word to highlight a section of text or letters.
  • The recovering capabilities of an office document, when closed prematurely
  • How to create data trends chart for each row / column using Sparkline in Excel 2010.
  • Improved Animation and Narration features in PowerPoint 2010.
  • How to add a Video to a PowerPoint presentation, edit and format them in ease.
  • Using sections within a presentation.
  • Save presentation as a video
  • Broadcasting a PowerPoint presentation to external users through internet.
  • Power of Office Web apps. How an user can just goto Office Live and start using the office apps absolutely free. Also, when you hit the F11 key, the web app and the desktop app almost looks and behaves the same.

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