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Scaling 32 bit ASP.NET Application to a 64 bit OS Platform | Mailbag Discussion

Well, its time for some discussion. Few minutes back, one of the reader ‘Om’ had asked this below question –

“I’ve small query related to application compatibility. We have a SaaS based product hosted on group of windows 2003 server standard edition (32bit). To scale up further we upgraded RAM of few systems to 8GB from 4GB. But since 32-bit version of windows 2003 does not support more than 4 GB of RAM , we have to switch to different edition. Now we have the option of either trying 32-bit Datacenter edition(cost around 3000 bucks per system per month extra by our host provider). or 64 bit Standard edition (with no extra cost).

So my query is that how much effort is needed (if any) in migrating a 32 bit application to a 64 bit OS platform? Apart from app we have bunch of WCF services?”

Kindly let us know your opinions/thoughts in the comments section!

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The following are some things that come to mind immediately when we talk about migrating to 64 bit:
Database Layer – Check if specific 64 bit db adapters are available (64 bit ODAC for oracle etc.)
Use profiling tools like windbg and VSTS to measure increase in performance. They provide a great indication of the improvements made in the system.
Also ensure that any third party component you is compatible with 64 bit OS.
Application Layer – If you are accessing any office components through interops, forget it. They would not work as 64 bit applications and you would still have to spawn them off as 32 bit processes.

ASP with WCF sounds easy. So all the best

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