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Maintaining the user’s workspace–the personal bits and pieces that make a computing environment comfortable for the user—has become an increasingly difficult task when faced with operating system upgrades, remote application infrastructures, VPN connections, desktop sharing, and hosted virtual desktops. Using today’s Windows profiles to manage user workspaces just doesn’t cut it.

In The Shortcut Guide to User Workspace Management, authored by Microsoft MVP Greg Shields, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of managing user workspaces, as well as why a User Workspace Management solution is an absolute must for today’s multiple access point environments.

Chapters in this Realtime book include:

Chapter 1: What is User Workspace Management?
Chapter 2: Personalization Equals Context Plus Content
Chapter 3: Tying Security to People, Not Devices
Chapter 4: Transforming to an Environment of User Workspace Management

Download the complete 60-page book today!

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