Smart Liquid Molecular Sensing Module for Project ARA

Vestigen, a global advanced sensor research company, today announced their participation in Google’s ARA project by making their smart liquid molecular sensing platform available in the ARA module form factor.

Vestigen is a multidisciplinary scientists and serial entrepreneurs. Two friends started at the first Slovak Startup Weekend in 2011 and subsequently won the national Startup Awards. In 2012, the team was part of the top 50 global early stage startups at Pioneers Festival in Vienna. In 2013, the company was incorporated and funded by Brazilian Grid Investments, to take on the world’s challenges with advanced sensors.

The module accepts a microsensing chip, designed for a specific application. We can transfer blood or tissue monitoring for disease biomarkers to the comfort of your home. We can screen water for environmental pollutants and trace elements. Or test food quality for the healthiest lives.


sensor-stripEach test is performed by dropping the specific liquid on a sterile microchip, inserting the chip into the device and waiting a short time for the result. The device translates the signal into a quantitative answer, evaluates data and the user then obtains precise information about the analyte of choice.  Testing is easy and simple. No additional tools, solutions or chemicals needed. Furthermore, mobile connectivity between the device and your phone or PC opens possibilities for results visualisation, tracking in time or even storing and sharing your data. Monitoring your health or the environment has never been this easy.


In this above example, you see a blood test for sugar analysis; this is going to be a breakthrough solution for people who are don’t have an overhead to carry a glucometer to monitor their sugar levels.

“Together with our parents and grandparents, we will observe a massive shift from hospital visits towards home monitoring and personalised diagnostics. In this regard, we strive to make a difference for human health through advances in portable diagnostic technologies,” said Dr. Andrej Mošať, Founder & CTO of Vestigen.

“Our highly talented mix of molecular biologists, chemists, engineers and computer scientists is developing advanced sensors for people on all continents and in lower orbit as well. Giving those people access to their own health information, will empower them to take control of their health and enable them to make more informed decisions.”