My Session on Google Wave

Today, I gave a session on Google Wave to my colleagues here at Workplace. This was a part of the knowledge sharing initiative which few of us brought up inside our group, where people take a technical topic and speak.  Last time, I gave a talk on Windows 7 and this time, I could not resist giving it on Google Wave., because i loved it a lot and have been playing with it since a month.

Trust me, this was the first “Non-Microsoft’ic” session which I gave. I was really exited but scared as well 🙂  Initially I had to face with a slight glitch on browsers( I used FireFox and Safari) and a lot of “Google Vs. MS” comments. Unfortunately, as always.. I was targeted for all MS activities too.. he he..!! (No hard comments though ;). I had lots of demos to show in the session, and I reckon, I will need to do another part to “show off” the wave completely.

Here is the slide Deck attached –

The audience really liked it and they bounced back on me for more information and giving their feedback for similar sessions in future.They were just amazed with “wave” being open Source, so that they can play their part in it. Few liked the automatic spell check feature and few loved the Map extensions.

Summing up, it was a fruitful one. You can also look at this link to understand the basics of Wave, and some important links – Click Here