Free ebook – Faster Problem Resolution with Remote Support Capabilities

The Essentials Series: Faster Problem Resolution with Remote Support Capabilities This series takes you through the many issues that plague the modern help desk, and states the case for implementing user-centric remote support. The Author demonstrates how tools such as built-in interactive chat, file transfer, and sessions that persist across multiple reboots enable help desk staff to be supportive and to identify and resolve problems quickly and accurately.

The author Ed also offers insight on how built-in monitoring and behind-the-scenes session sharing and observation tools let management accurately assess help desk productivity, help desk staff skills and abilities, and ticket resolution rates.

This complete series includes the following articles:

  • Article 1: Setting the Stage for User-Centric Remote Support
  • Article 2: Simplifying the Troubleshooting Process with User-Centric Remote Control
  • Article 3: Understanding How Remote Control and Diagnosis Addresses Typical User Problems

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