Purdue University Reduces Application Packaging Time, Enhances Access, with Virtualization

Purdue University is a public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana. The IT department at Purdue has three staff members dedicated to deploying and managing approximately 250 software applications used by faculty and students. Application conflicts, resulting from incompatible applications that could not run together on the same computer, and packaging complexities stemming from the need to run applications in both desktop computer and server computer environments, had become a challenge for this team.

By using Microsoft Application Virtualization, Purdue is able to reduce packaging time by 50 percent; avoids having to repackage applications for different environments—which means remotely accessed applications are available a week faster than was previously possible!

One of the Lab Administrator, Bret Madsen says, “By eliminating application conflicts and consolidating packaging for desktop computer and Remote Desktop Services environments, we made deploying and managing applications much easier, We have greater flexibility to provision applications whenever we need to..!”

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