Silverlight Deployment Guide v4 is available for Download

Early last week the new version of the Silverlight Deployment Guide went live and can be found on the Silverlight Resources page.

This guide is great for any enterprise who wants to deploy, manage, or troubleshoot the installation of Silverlight version 1-4 in their corporation.  The previous version 2 of the guide has more than 100,000 completed downloads to date.

Silverlight LogoThe major new additions since the previous versions of the guide are:

  • Deploying and managing Silverlight out of browser (OOB) applications
  • Links to the Updated Group policies and template (ADMX/L files) which includes new capabilities to lockdown:
    • Silverlight Trusted Applications — allows users to install out-of-browser applications via the Install dialog
    • WebCam and Microphone — allows webpages/applications to access the microphone and webcam
    • UDP Multicast Networking — allows webpages/applications to do UDP multicast networking
    • Updated the verbiage to include Silverlight 4 and new system requirements

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