Microsoft Teched India 2010 – Videos and Presentation Slides : My Sessions

Hello Folks. I know that, i am really late in publishing this information. As you are aware, last month we had Microsoft teched happening in Bangalore.. where I was one of the Speaker for a couple of sessions.! I was indeed waiting for the video, so that I can publish both together.. but looks like the wait is gonna take some more time. Hence, shared the deck and related articles here. I shall upload the video, once I get hold of them!

Slidedeck – Overcoming the Application Compatibility Hurdle in Windows 7

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  • Part 1: How do you fix the OS Version Number Issues? 
  • Part 2: Fix Browser Compatiblity Issues with Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7 
  • Part 3: Install, Setup and Work with Virtual XP Mode 
  • Part 4: Session 0 Isolation and Secure Desktop
  • Part 5: Libraries, UAC, WRP and other Core Changes
  • Slidedeck – Managing Your Images with Deployment Image Servicing & Management (DISM)

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    These how-to articles on DISM will help you understand what DISM tools can do, which were the tools it replaced, its Commands, Architecture and options.

    You can also watch and Download the Videos/Presentation Slides of the other Sessions here at (Coming Soon)

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