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The Shortcut Guide to Availability, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery, by author and IT expert Dan Sullivan, is a concise roadmap to uncovering the not-so-obvious business requirements of recovery management and meeting some of the most vexing challenges to traditional backup models, including virtualization and application-specific requirements.

The Shortcut Guide to Availability, Continuity, and Disaster RecoveryThis excellent new book offers concrete advice on scheduling and monitoring, choosing storage media, managing growth, and controlling costs. With the right combination of backup systems, high-availability solutions, and sound recovery management procedures, businesses can have the backup protection they need without straining their staff or budget!

Chapters in this complete Realtime book include:

  1. The Business Case for Recovery Management
  2. Breaking Through Technical Barriers to Effective Recovery Management
  3. Top 5 Operational Challenges in Recovery Management and How to Solve Them
  4. Putting It All Together: Recovery Management Scenarios for Small Businesses to Emerging Enterprises

From the Author…

“Businesses demand high availability and rapid recovery for mission-critical information systems.  But the days of simple backup models are gone. Virtualization and database applications are just two examples of technologies that do not neatly fit with backup practices developed decades ago,” explains author Dan Sullivan.  “In The Shortcut Guide to Availability, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery, you will learn the correct strategies and procedures to utilize backup and high-availability technologies in order to effectively address these new challenges.”

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