Solve Application Compatibility Challenges in Windows 7 – Video from App-DNA

For most of the world’s large enterprises, the migration to Windows 7 is already underway. This is emphatically not the ‘wait and see’ attitude we experienced with Vista. And every expert agrees: the main step to getting your application estate over to Windows 7 is tackling application compatibility.

App-DNAWith that in mind, The App-DNA team has brought together three of the very best experts to discuss the migration and application compatibility issues you’re about to face as you move your organization to Windows 7 – along with App-V, 64-bit or server-based computing.

These are three heavy-hitters who have seen more migrations than most:

  • Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s famous ‘App-Compat Guy’
  • Andy Wray, head of the Microsoft Practice at HP
  • Paul Schnell, CTO of App-DNA, the app-compat pioneers

In this short, powerful video, moderated by leading tech journalist Cliff Saran, you’ll hear:

  1. Why enterprises are moving to Windows 7 so soon
  2. Why Service Pack 1 isn’t delaying the market
  3. Why this is the ideal opportunity to optimize your desktops
  4. The new record for number of apps in one enterprise (the old record was 91,000!)
  5. Why app compatibility is THE #1 challenge
  6. What the main stumbling blocks are for the apps that will struggle to migrate
  7. How you can emerge from this migration with much better app management processes
  8. Where virtualization, 64-bit and server-based computing fit in

You can watch this video here – The Journey to Windows 7

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