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ChangeBASE Announces the Launch of Version 3.0 of AOK for Citrix XenApp


AOKChangeBASE AOK, the world leader in automated application compatibility testing and remediation today announces the release of AOK v 3.0 for Citrix with a comprehensive suite of testing and remediation plug-ins for Citrix® XenApp™ – hosted or streamed.

Building on the first release of AOK for Citrix in June last year the new features allow organisations to rapidly assess the readiness of their application portfolio for the XenApp environment and identify what changes, if any, are needed in the application for it to run on XenApp. In many cases ChangeBASE AOK can automatically make the necessary changes with a click of the ‘fix-it’ button.

Specific checks include:-

Citrix Platform Compatibility Checks
NTService Reboot Requirements
Drivers (SYS) Local Host Check
DCOM/COM+ Seamless Presentation
USER32 Citrix WRP
Machine DSN 32-BIT
Network Stack Update 64-BIT Apps
Multi-User Access (INI) 64-BIT Systems
DLL Hell Citrix Benefits
Printer Drivers Private Middleware

John Tate, Managing Director of ChangeBASE commented,

“We are really excited about the new release of AOK and the support we have had from Citrix to make this happen. Our product is a natural fit for Citrix testing/remediation. The breadth and depth of our tests and fixing will give Citrix customers the confidence to deploy their applications to a virtualised environment and will save them time and money in the process.”

Bill Hartwick, Senior Director of Product Marketing, XenApp product group, Citrix also commented,

“Our technical team has been working closely with ChangeBASE over the last few months and the additional features offered with version 3.0 of AOK for Citrix is a result of this collaboration and testing. In particular the enhanced dashboard will give organisations the ability to assess their entire application portfolio’s readiness for XenApp in a matter of minutes or hours. With their ability to automatically remediate issues this can save weeks or months of work compared to the conventional manual approach.”

Tate continued ‘We have already signed up a number of ChangeBASE partners to work with us on this program including Getronics, Accenture, Dimension Data, SCC and Satyam. We are looking to recruit a number of additional organisations to join this community – particularly those with strong knowledge of the Citrix XenApp environment.’

About ChangeBASE Limited

Founded in 2006 and Headquartered in London, England, ChangeBASE is the provider and developer of AOK, a product that automates the management and upgrade of applications in a Microsoft environment. ChangeBASE counts Dimension Data, SCC, Satyam, Getronics, Symantec, and Microsoft as partners and GSK, Astra Zeneca and Man Investments amongst its enterprise customers.

About Citrix and XenApp

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For more information, please contact:

John Tate,
Managing Director, ChangeBASE

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