Highlights, Features and Benefits of WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite

Another major release of WinINSTALL from Scalable. In the two years since Scalable acquired WinINSTALL from Attachmate the company has delivered 3 major product releases while significantly improving stability.

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite, or LMS, replaces WinINSTALL’s Desktop Availability Suite (DAS) and is available free to all DAS customers current on maintenance. LMS contains all of the coolest features that the DAS suite offered, plus a few new enhancements sure to make any System Administrator drool.

First and foremost, Scalable Software has enhanced its Personality Transfer engine. WinINSTALL now leverages Microsoft’s USMT 4.0.

In its default state, USMT 4.0 or User State Migration Tool, is a scriptable command-line tool that provides a highly-customizable user-profile migration experience for IT professionals.  This utility is mainly designed to safely migrate User Accounts, Operating Systems and Application settings after a machine has been replaced or upgraded. Microsoft’s version of USMT is driven by 3 separate XML files that contain the instructions which tell the USMT Tool what data it needs to back up for migration. 

Instead of having the end user weed through XML files to determine what data needs to be backed up, WinINSTALL’s LMS product presents this to the user in template fashion via its UI.  Meaning, all of the supported applications are presented to the end user to either include or exclude as part of the migration.  Additionally, Administrators can select file formats they want to search for and migrate such as all .xlsx or all .pdf files.  You can backup a folder or folders from a target workstation, and even specify file size limits.  You also have the ability to exclude certain file types from being migrated. So if you have a user or users that store mp3 files locally, you can choose to exclude .mp3 files from being moved over to the new machine.

Now there are other products out there that allow you to backup User profiles in order to perform Machine to Machine migrations. However what WinINSTALL’s LMS product offers is an all in one process for backing up that user or user’s profiles, re-installing or upgrading the current Operating System, deploying all of your core applications back to the machine, and then restoring the User or Users profiles from one console as part of a single process.  There is no sys-prep required, no joining the domain after the process is complete.  No logging in, and installing application after application or setting screen resolutions or enabling Remote Desktop.  Additionally, since WinINSTALL has very robust support for the WinPE environment, LMS enables rapid in-place OS upgrades. By exploiting the new “hardlink” feature of USMT 4.0, LMS enables all user personality settings and attributes to be preserved in place while the OS is upgraded underneath. With these mechanisms, alongside the many existing OS migration facilities of WinINSTALL, you can do what many have said is practically impossible; an unattended, remote, in-place, enterprise-wide migration from Windows XP to Windows 7.

The LMS product will give you complete control over your Operating Systems Deployments. You won’t need external tools or scripts to perform this process.  Simply load your Windows 7 WIM into the WinINSTALL LMS console.  Select the Version of Windows 7 you wish install and select either 32 or 64 bit. Enter your OEM or Volume License Key. Add your hardware drivers for target workstations.  Select a Template and start your Migration.  LMS will perform a full Operating System Migration all through a PXE boot process, all unattended.

In some cases, customers have already created a new Corporate WIM image of Windows 7 that they want to deploy.  WinINSTALL’s LMS product allows you to push out your custom WIM image with a few configurations inside the product.  This way you can backup the User Profile and then install your corporate WIM image, finishing up with a Profile restoration.

Additionally, WinINSTALL’s LMS product includes PXE Operating System Installation support for Ubuntu.  So with more and more shops purchasing netbooks, LMS can be a center piece to your OS deployment procedure.

These are just a few of the core features centered around the WinINSTALL LMS product.  Check out the website for full feature descriptions of all of the WinINSTALL products.

WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite, is available immediately. A free 45-day evaluation is available at http://www.scalable.com/softwaredownload/lmsdownload

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