New Options added to Google Docs!

Google has made some improvements to the existing Google Docs to make it more productive, Stable and User Friendly. In spreadsheets, you’ll now find a formula editing bar, cell auto-complete, drag-and-drop columns and other features not possible with older browser technologies.

Check the screenshots below where you see that the address bar is enabled for editing.

Editable Formula Bar - New Google Docs

The earlier edition did not have this option (See below) :

Non Editable Formula Bar

In Google Docs Documents, now you have a margin ruler, better numbering and bullets and easier image placement options.

Also, a big improvement is made to the document upload feature so moving files from your computer to the cloud is easier now. Imported documents retain their original structure more accurately, so you dont have to fix formatting like bullets and text alignment. New browser technologies like faster JavaScript processing have made it possible for us to speed up Google Docs significantly. Even very large spreadsheets are fast to work with in your browser now. Applications that run this fast feel like desktop applications but have the unique advantages of being in the cloud.

The Google Docs’ collaboration capabilities have extended too, with support for up to 50 people working together at once, and in documents, you can now see other people’s edits as they happen character-by-character. And now you can also collaborate on flow charts, diagrams and other schematics in real time with a new editor for drawings on Google Docs.

With Google Docs drawings you can,

  • Edit drawings online in real time with anyone you choose, and invite others to view your edits in real time
  • Chat with others who are editing your drawing, from within the drawings editor.
  • Publish drawings online to the world as images, or download them in standard formats.
  • Insert text, shapes, arrows, scribbles, and images from your hard drive or from the Web.
  • Lay out drawings precisely with alignment guides, snap to grid, and auto distribution.
  • Insert drawings into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations using the web clipboard, then tweak them inline

For the complete list on What’s new on Google Docs read this article –

If you do not see the newer edition of Google Docs, Login to Gdocs and see the top right corner, where you have an option to try the new one. (see below screenshot)

Preview the New Google SpreadSheet

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Courtesy: Google official Blog


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