BuddyHome – A hobby Robot Project by Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu

15th-Apr-2010: Update from the Tech-ed

Folks, i did meet Rama and his buddy at Teched India 2010. Trust me, the robot was just fantastic! The demos was sooper cool and he also made it to dance for a popular bollywood number. Here are some of the photos which I took at the booth using my phone.

He was actually, trying to Choreograph his robot.!  Farah Khan.. Are you listening?? you job is seriosly at stake.. he he.!

Ramaprasanna Choreographing his Robot

Ramaprasanna Choreographing his Robot

Ramaprasanna Choreographing his Robot

Ramaprasanna With his Buddyhome

Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu works with Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist. He has a tremendous passion for technology and he would want to help the businesses and the community to maximize their returns on Investment by utilizing technology in the most optimal way. He actively works on Windows Azure, Windows Mobile and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. His hobby is to create Robots / Intelligent Systems, and play with it.

In this below video, you will witness how his day is filled with his buddy (robots I mean). He claims that he lives all alone at home..but yet not Alone.! – Indeed its true.!

He also works closely with students on projects along the areas of technology and innovation. So if you are a Student and wanna’ try something really innovative, Hez the Man for you!

Meet him and his buddy at Teched India 2010!

If you are interested in knowing on what I will be doing at teched, read this!