Have you ever forgot to send an Attachment in an Email?

How many times has this happened to you? Whenever you are in a hurry to reply/send an email., only after hitting the Send button, you realize that.. the attachment was not made! Generally, you tend to send the attachment in another email!

Most of us have faced this and so did I .. but I got a different Experience yesterday. I was writing an email asking all my friends to try out the DOSBox Software. While I was about to hit the send button, I got a message box from Gmail saying.. I have not made the attachments. At First go.,  it sounded Wierd.. and crazy! Then when I scrolled through my email, i realized that.. I had used the sentence “Please find attached in this email”. While I pressed the send button, Gmail was able to parse this sentence and prompted me a message box. I was amazed to see this because, this was happening from a web browser client and not a standalone Application.!

Gmail Attachment Message

I reckon, few people will start speculating that.. Gmail also reads all our emails now and the emails are no more a “secure” mode of communication. However, this is a very cool concept., and I’m sure.. this will be really useful to most of us!

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