Download Application Virtualization Dynamic Suite Composition Tool

Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC), is a new feature in App-V 4.5, provides the flexibility to control virtual application interaction. Administrators wanting to consolidate virtual environments, and enable faster, easier administration, can use the product’s Dynamic Suite Composition, which sequences and manages packages for middleware applications separately from the main application. It shrinks potential package size by eliminating redundant packaging of middleware, allowing, for instance, multiple Web applications to communicate with the same instance of a virtualized Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

This “many-to-one” capability greatly reduces the cost and effort of updating the common virtual middleware component. It also makes it easier to deploy and manage applications with multiple plug-ins and add-ins, and improves management of plug-in distribution to different user groups. If there is an installer associated with a virtual application package, the installers will be automatically updated.

This tool is a GUI application, where you can specify dependencies between primary and secondary packages. Also, it supports mandatory and non-mandatory packages.

Download the Application Virtualization Dynamic Suite Composition Tool here (exe file)

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Summing up, Dynamic suite composition is a feature that enables applications to be sequenced separately from the plug-ins and middleware applications they rely on, while still being able to utilize the virtual resources such as file system and registry settings, in the virtual environment. The packages will run and interact with one another as if they were all installed locally on a computer. The primary package will also assume the secondary packages entire virtual environment, including the virtual file system.

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