Vision of having a Large Mailbox – Exchange 2010 White Paper

Larger mailboxes are better for users, IT administrators, and organizations. They use today’s storage systems more efficiently. They help users stay productive by giving them better access to the valuable organizational knowledge contained in historical e-mail. Users spend less time managing their e-mail to stay under quota. By keeping as much data as possible inside the Exchange Server 2010 infrastructure, large mailboxes help reduce the proliferation of .PST files and associated backup, compliance, and risk problems. With cost-effective storage options, built-in high availability, an increased number of items possible per folder, built-in e-mail archiving, and online mailbox moves, Exchange Server 2010 enables you to deliver these large mailboxes to your organization whether it is a small business or a global enterprise.

At the same time, you can reduce costs and dramatically improve the availability of your Exchange Server deployment. By integrating everything into one system, you make the most efficient use of today’s much less expensive storage options, eliminate the need to maintain separate systems for hot and cold data, and reduce your reliance on costly traditional backups and time-consuming system restores. The net result is a more efficient and reliable business messaging infrastructure that preserves access to the crucial organizational knowledge contained in e-mail messages.

Exchange Server 2010 balancing disk performance and capacity on a 1TB disk

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 is specifically designed to overcome these barriers. It enables you to give your users larger mailboxes at lower cost without sacrificing performance or reliability. Built-in high availability and disaster recovery, storage system improvements, and self-healing from disk faults let you use large, inexpensive disks in configurations that maximize data redundancy. And, Exchange Server 2010 lets you keep your users online during mailbox moves. With these changes, the benefits of large mailboxes are now within the grasp of all organizations.

Impact of the Exchange Server 2010 IO changes on smaller disks

Download this Exchange 2010 Large Mailbox Vision Whitepaper here (.docx format)

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