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Many corporate executives still view technology as a necessary cost of doing business. As a result, CIOs and IT Directors are constantly struggling to justify their positions and maintain their budgets. However, IT Portfolio Management can change this perception and elevate IT to the status of corporate partner. If you manage technology like any other investment and illustrate the returns and benefits to business leaders, IT becomes a driving force for corporate change and growth.

Improving Your Business through IT Portfolio ManagementIT Portfolio Management is a process for directly linking technology with business goals. The Executive Guide to Improving Your Business through IT Portfolio Management will walk you through the IT Portfolio Management model, and suggest ways to transform IT and the role of the CIO into the primary supplier of relevant data to business leaders. This process changes IT from a cost center to a division that directly contributes to the bottom line.

The ebook has these following chapters,

  • Chapter 1: Managing an IT Portfolio
  • Chapter 2: Capturing IT Demand
  • Chapter 3: Prioritizing Projects and Investment Decision Making
  • Chapter 4: Delivering and Assessing Your IT Portfolio
  • Chapter 5: Communicating the Hidden Value of IT

Download The Executive Guide to Improve Business Through IT Portfolio Management here

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