Jolla proposes its first Sailfish Tablet: Preview, Comparisons

Jolla design is all about functionality, minimalism and style. The first smartphone released earlier this year has already helped the company in getting some positive tractions. Jolla is now aiming at making the world’s first crowd-funded tablet. The proposed tablet is built around the same basic spec as Nokia’s N1, featuring a 7.9-inch display with 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, a quad-core Intel processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. It’s not as thin and lacks the unibody aluminum case, but it’s also cheaper and can still run Android apps.

The front of the Jolla tablet will be dedicated to viewing what’s on screen, without any design distractions. Sailfish OS is all about logic, consistency and understanding intuitive movement. The Sailfish user interface has been designed with the most recent consumer needs in mind. With the most modern mobile UI Sailfish provides effortless multitasking. Users are able to multitask instantly between truly running applications. An integral part of Jolla’s Sailfish OS is the integration Android compatible application runtime that Jolla has developed in co-operation with Myriad AG, a leading provider of software and services to the mobile and TV industry.

The UI also features many new innovations, such as the Pulley Menu enabling fast and effortless interaction, at-a-glance peeks at status information, and effortless personalization of the device to match the user’s style and mood.  The start-up wizard guides you to select the applications a user actually wants. That way, you will also only get updates for what you actually use.


Recently, Jolla also announced an agreement to license positioning services and map technology from HERE, a Nokia business, to be used in Sailfish OS. This will provide users with up-to-date map data and rich location information, such as restaurants and hotels, from over 190 countries around the world. Enabling fast and accurate retrieval of positioning information anywhere in the world, these services are essential for any mobile maps experience. A global map and location content offering also brings Jolla one step closer to achieving a fully equipped mobile operating system. The mapping asset is an integral part of Jolla’s complete user experience.

Sailfish OS integrates HERE’s mapping and positioning technology alongside thousands of Android applications provided by Yandex.Store, an appstore for Android. Currently featuring over 85,000 apps in 17 categories, Yandex.Store offers the best and most popular apps – from social networking and communication apps like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Viber and WeChat to games like Angry Birds. Yandex.Store will provide in-app purchase opportunities and is available on smartphones and tablets in 37 languages.

Technical Comparison:


The Jolla Tablet is currently available in the following countries and regions in this campaign: EU, Norway, Switzerland, United States, India, China, Hong Kong, and Russia.

Jolla is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo to help fund and distribute the Tablet. They have priced the tablet at $189 for the first 1,000 backers and $199 for the next 1,000. In total, the company is seeking $380,000 in funding, though it says the goal is to get interested users participating in the development at an early stage. The first batch of Jolla Tablets will be shipped out to the earliest backers in the second quarter of 2015.

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