.toolbox: Silverlight & Expression Studio online learning program

.toolbox is a free online training program where designers and developers can learn to create Silverlight applications using Expression Studio and to apply basic UX concepts to their solutions.

Toolbox Website
.toolbox provides you with the ability to send designers, developers, partners, customers, and students to a fun integrated environment that takes an individual from a level 100 to 400 understanding of using the design aspects of Silverlight and Expression.

Toolbox Class.toolbox is a structured curriculum-based program that features two core learning tracks with materials that increase in difficulty to build individuals’ knowledge and understanding. In Design Scenarios, designers and developers learn to create dynamically-rich Silverlight applications using Expression Studio. They learn to add code-free functionality to designs by following step-by-step tutorials that illustrate how to create interactive user experiences. In Design Principles, designers and developers learn fundamental UX concepts (e.g., choosing the right colors) along with tips in how to apply them. Badges are earned and accumulated in both tracks upon successful completion of the evaluation found at the end of each level.

Calls To Action –

  • Go to .toolbox and sign up using your Windows Live ID
  • Visit the School section and explore the curriculum.
  • Select a module, watch the videos, and follow along using the provided guide and assets.
  • Take the evaluation for a completed level to achieve a badge.
  • Broadcast your achievements by posting to Twitter and Facebook.

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