Changebase AOK: Overcoming Compatibility Issues

The uptake of Vista in the corporate space has been comparatively low, when compared to other versions of Windows. This can be attributed to a number of issues: people being concerned with the fundamental changes between the XP and Vista operating systems; performance issues; the requirement for a desktop refresh; and last but not least the effort to migrate – the largest component of which is the testing and remediation of application compatibility issues.

The scale of change introduced by Vista which includes a completely new kernel, a raft of new security measures and rules, and a number of deprecated components and APIs, meant that the majority of applications within an estate would either require some remediation, fail to work correctly or possibly fail to install altogether.

Well Vista is now a couple of years old and has received an increasing number of positive reviews. Windows 7 has addressed many of the issues that people have with Vista and improved both real and perceived performance. So what then of the remaining issue of application compatibility? As mentioned previously, Windows 7 is built on the same kernel as Vista, it is the same underlying platform. What this means for application compatibility is that ALL the same rules apply to Windows 7 as apply to Vista… and there will be new compatibility concerns introduced with the launch of Windows 7 like Mail being deprecated as an example. The application compatibility issue is not going to go away. It will increase. Windows 7 will have more hurdles that applications will have to overcome to install and run correctly. Additionally, Windows 7 introduces more security features and these will also need to be complied with in order to get an application to install and function correctly.

To migrate to Windows 7 an organization will need to surmount all the Vista compatibility issues AND the new Windows 7 compatibility rules. Between 60-80% of applications will need some remediation to meet the requirements to be deployable to Vista. Around 5% will not work at all and will require vendor or programmer upgrades.

A software company called ChangeBASE AOK, has developed a suite of automated, highly innovative applications that hugely improve the time, quality, consistency and cost of the test, remediation and ongoing management challenges that companies face as they begin the process of migrating their applications from one Operating System or deployment environment to another. This white paper speaks on the potential issues of application compatiblity on Windows 7 and how AOK as a product has taken special care for mitigating them.

The complete white paper can be downloaded : Click Here

PS: You may need to register in Changebase’s website to download the white paper; but trust me.. its worth the pain you take.

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  1. Hi Vijay,
    Nice comparison between the Vista and Window 7. Vista preface was less compare than the Window 7.
    Window 7 is wonderful operating system with more key features. We are expecting few more technical explanations about Window 7 here.

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