How to Export or Copy Contacts from one Gmail account to Another?

We all have multiple email ids and use it for different needs!  Few of us create and moveon to a new email id, just to get rid of the tons of emails from public newsletters and groups which we would have subscribed to earlier! When we create a new email account, we always want our contacts to stay intact. Now copying each contact one by one is really cumbersome and irritating!

Handling with Contacts is always an essential task, You either need this for backup, configure it on your mobile,  or even to import into another account.

Check out this below tip, which explains you on, how you can export and import contacts from multiple email accounts. In this below example, lets do an import from a Gmail account to another!

Step 1: Login to your gmail account, and click on the Contacts tab in the left column tab. This will display you all the contacts you have on your gmail account. Now click on export (which appears on the top right of the contacts window) – As shown below.

Export Contacts

Step 2: This will give you options to export the Contacts,  either as a Google CSV format – if you want to import these contacts to another Google Mail account or as an Outlook CSV format, to import contacts to your MS Outlook.

You also have option to download the contacts in a vCard format for importing into the Apple Address book.

Exporting Contacts from Gmail

Step 3: Now pressing Export button, will generate the CSV file and give you options to download and save this file!

Login to your another gmail account (the new email id, where you want the contacts to be imported) and click on the Contacts tab in the left column tab. This will display you all the existing contacts you have on this gmail account. Now click on Import link (which appears on the top right of the contacts window) – As shown below.

Step 4: Click on the Browse button, and select the downloaded CSV file (from Step 3) and press submit. You can also create a new Group for this contacts. For eg: If you are exporting the contacts from your business or office email account, you can create a group called Office and import all these contacts.

Import Gmail Contacts to another Google Account

Status Importing

Step 5: The contacts would have got uploaded and processed.  You can see a confirmation message which explains you on how many contacts were imported into your new account!

Gmail Contacts Imported Confirmation

That completes the process. Now you have all the contacts in your new email account. Gmail support importing CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora and few other apps. You also import vCard from apps like Apple Address Book. So whether you’re on the Blackberry Network or on Apple iPhone, importing contacts will be a breeze.

Sometimes, there could be some duplication entries in your existing contacts and the one which you just imported. Check this How-To article which explains you how you can merge these contacts into a single one.

Importing Contacts to your Yahoo email Account

Step 1: Login to your Yahoo email account, and click on Contacts in the left sidebar. (As shown below), You will see a lot of options to import your contacts from.

Importing Contacts on Yahoo

Step 2: Yahoo uses the services of TrueSwitch to validate your other email account and import the contacts automatically. You can select Gmail, enter your credentials and then click on submit to get all your new contacts.

True Switch

If you feel.. doing this can be of a risk, can click on the “A desktop email Program”, and upload the CSV file as shown in the below screenshot.

Import Gmail Contacts to Yahoo Account

That completes this simple How To Tip!

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