Unconference Teched: Improving App Installation UX in Win 7

TechEd India is all about Us – the community. In the true spirit of community the UnConference space was presented at Teched India. UnConference was hosted in the Community Pavilion @ TechEd India throughout the day and streamed live. It was one of the favorite place where people connected at the Teched.

My session discussed about the tool “Client Profile Configuration Designer” which is used to give an effective user experience during installation. Further, I also touched on the benefits of having a per-user applications and the application Deployment enhancements with Windows 7. You can download my presentation deck here.

UnConference sessions are an eclectic mix of technology and productivity sessions. You get a change to meet people with similar interests and challenges in an open-forum environment at the Teched. These below talks were part of the same.

What’s New in Silverlight 3 – Vikram Pendse

Improving Application Installation UX in Windows 7 – Vijay Raj

SQL Server 2008 Management Studio New Features – Pinal Dave

XML Support in SQL Server 2008 – Jacob Sebastian

SQL Server 2008 Beyond Relational – Arun Balachandran

ADO.NET Data Services – Chaitra Nagaraj

REST – Chaitra Nagaraj

Using Office 2007 effectively – Top 10 issues: Dr. Nitin Paranjape

IIS 7 for Devs and Admins – Mohd Abdul Muqeet Khan

XNA Game Studio- Dhaval Faria

Windows 7- Bitlocker Enhancements – Vinod Unny

Policy Based Management in SQL Server 2008 – Amit Bansal

I was there at the teched only on 14th, and hence got a chance to attend few sessons of Vikram and Chaitra. I reckon, all the other sessions were great as well. No doubt with the speaking capabilities of Dr. Nitin, Arun and Pinal. They must have just rocked the UnConference space !!!

It was a fantastic experience to meet fellow MVPs again and Pinal just brought me back the memories of the South Asia MVP Summit. I am eagerly waiting for the Next Teched !!


  1. Hi Vijay
    Really very useful information.
    Thanks for consolidating all the presentations.
    Sreedhar Ambati

  2. Hi VijayReally very useful information.Thanks for consolidating all the presentations.ThanksSreedhar Ambati

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