Download – Application Virtualization Client Log Parser Utility

This tool can be used to Parse the Log files in the App-V Environment. This log parser simplifies the task of looking through log files, being able to filter by log level, build report, launch failures, mini-dumps, minimum disconnected operation mode entries and more. Later, the appropriate party can import the data for analysis and/or utilization. 

You can use the fields and values contained in the output file to filter information obtained from the log files. The output file generated by the application log parser utility contains the following fields: System, OS, Build, Date, Time, Module, Log Level, hApp, App, User, Thread, and Message.

The information contained in the output file can also be imported into Microsoft Excel for subsequent evaluation. This Tool Filters client logs on log level, types of failure, upload time, launch times, etc.

 To use the Application Virtualization Log Parser utility, you can use the following syntax:

AppVClientLogParser.exe [filename [filename]…] [/P:path] [/O:file] [/N:days] [/D:delimiter] [TRD:threads] [/R] [/M:LogLevel] [/L:LogLevel] [/BLD] [/LF] [/DMP] [/MDO] [/S] [/LT] [/W] [/UT]

You can also check the Readme.html (which gets extracted along with the exe) to know more on the Command Line arguments for this executable!

Download this Application Virtualization Client Log Parser Utility here (exe format)

To provide feedback on this tool or report any problem, Raise your thought here – Microsoft App-V TechNet forums

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