Microsoft has come up with an amazing product called Myphone. My phone helps you to sync information betwen your mobile phone and the World Wide Web. It further enables you to backup and restore your phone content like photos, videos, contacts, sms, data files etc.

It also gives you access to update your phone contacts and appointments online through your live id!
For more FAQ on Microsoft MyPhone, Click here.

Simple Steps to Follow:
Step 1:
Goto, Sign in with your live id (if you dont have one, you can create it here)
Step 2: Raise a request code for Myphone a Services. Once done, you will get a mail from the Myphone team.

Step 3: Login to the website again, it would give you a website, which you will need to browse through your mobile. (I got a file “”, as I am using a windows mobile)
Step 4: Install the package and launch the program and follow the simple instructions.
Thats it, all your pictures, files, contacts are sync’ed.

Login to the website again to verify the same. (see above Image).

Trust me, This is fantastic.!! It just helped me right on time..!! As I was planning to change my job, i was getting worried on how do I back-up so many contacts which is stored in my mail exchange server. On using this, I could sync all my Contacts to my live id and its safe in “Myphone”. 🙂

Do try out the same.!!!