SysInternals tools – March Update

This blog post briefs up the updates which are made to the following SysInternals Tools.

sysinternalsAdExplorer v1.3: This update to AdExplorer, an Active Directory editor, has major node expansion performance improvements and a number of minor bug fixes.

VMMap v2.6: VMMap, a powerful process virtual and physical memory analysis tool, now shows both graphical and numeric breakdowns of private virtual memory, as well as heap configuration flags.

Disk2vhd v1.5: Disk2Vhd v1.5 works with Hyper-V SCSI direct-attached volumes and reports an error when a snapshot includes offline volumes.

LiveKd v3.14: This version of LiveKd has better detection of the Debugging Tools package installation and launches the debugger in a mode that skips the unnecessary root-cause analysis of the virtual dump file.

Sigcheck v1.66: This update to Sigcheck, a file version and signature checking utility, fixes a bug in the certificate revocation check logic.

VMMap v2.61: This fixes a minor bug in the calculation of the Unknown category total.

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Courtesy: SysInternals Blog

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