How do I Create Right-Click Context Menu for my Application?

Yesterday at office when we were discussing about the applications support for 64 bit Vista, One of my work-mate, Sreejith mentioned that Symantec Antivirus doesn’t give him a context menu for scanning viruses. Here are few simple steps to create the right click context menu for scanning viruses. I am just sharing the same to everyone for your reference.

Step 1: Create the following registry key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\ as shown in the below screen. (For demo purpose – I have added my name)

Creating Context Menu - 1

Step 2: Create the association to the “Application.exe” – You can use the main executable for Symantec Antivirus here. (For demo purpose – I have used notepad.exe)

That’s it. You’re done with creating a right-click context menu…!!

Testing the same…