DISM How To Articles featured on TechNet Flash India

Hey Folks, Feels good to share the information that the DISM How-To articles written few days back has got featured on the TechNet flash online magazine(Volume: 1, Issue: 16, Feb 24, 2010) Today! 

Now, its gonna’ reach more people and spread the word!


These articles showcases the DISM How-Tos., a new command line tool which was introduced in Windows 7 for deployment. DISM can be used to service a Window image or to prepare a Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE) image. DISM also supports more features and functionality than the other tools (Package Manager) supported in Windows Vista, including logging, inventory commands with parse-able output, detailed help, offline INF driver package installation, direct application of MS update packages, and integration of international settings.

You can read this featured article to know more on this!