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How to Slip Stream Application Patches?


There are better methods to handle patches with Windows Installer. However, when this doesn’t work, Slip-Streaming can be a Just in time solution. Slip-Streaming is a process which applies MSP to the MSI where MSI has not been installed on the system. If the Service Pack is in MSP format, then it can be directly installed on the system where the application is present.

In this phenomenon, MSP is automatically added to the MSI file itself and one can directly install the changed MSI. It can be called used by the following command:
msiexec /p abc.msp /a abc.msi

Disadvantages of Slip-Streaming Patches
1. The patch alone can never be un-installed.
If the patch has some problems, we will need to uninstall the entire application and to install the base application again without any patch. This is a very tedious process.
2. The user will not be aware of the patch application on the core MSI.
3. Consecutive patches can’t be applied.

Thanks Sunil and Harsha for this information!

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