Buzzom: A solution for Twitter Account management

Twitter is the buzz word in the social media world and its escalating popularity is quite evident from its ever-increasing members. As the microblogging phenomenon uptakes the online world, the web is bustling with enormous number of twitter related apps which make Twitter all the more fun to use. There are scores of free Twitter tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Seesmic that offer different services to manage your Twitter account. Joining the league but still standing out from the crowd is Buzzom, a Social Media portal for complete Twitter account management.

Buzzom is a free Twitter Account Management Tool that provides one stop solution for managing your Twitter account. It has an easy interface and perfectly modeled handy applications that keep an absolute track of all the activities in your Twitter profile. So what actually makes Buzzom so interesting and viable for the serious Twitter users? Lets take a closer look.

Grow your network

Buzzon Twitin FeaturesAnyone who uses twitter or is involved in social media knows how important it is to grow the size of the network. Buzzom makes this process lot more easier and yet productive. Creating their own vocab for the Twitter users, Buzzom provides the main features of Grow, Flush, Reciprocate and Cross Follow. Let me explain.

The whole idea is to keep you connected with the people that match your interest. While the Grow feature allows you to find and follow people that interest you, Flush helps you unfollow the ones who don’t follow you back. You don’t need to spend your hours searching the list of people following you as reciprocate automatically follows` them back for you. The feature ‘Crossfollow’ lets you follow the followers of a certain user. What make it more interesting are the options to BLOCK or LOCK certain twitter users. The blocked profiles will never show in your GROW list and the locked ones will never move to FLUSH. So the unwanted and the most wanted are managed efficiently.

Track your growth

One of the most talked about feature of Buzzom is the ‘Stats’. This helps you measure your Twitter performance by giving brief but accurate stats about you, your profile type and followers twitter activity and efficiency. Apart from this, you may also find the closest match of your profile, how popular you and your tweets are in the network and most interestingly provide reasons and suggestions for the low Buzzom scores.

Feed Management

Buzzom Feed ManagementThis helps you schedule your status messages to reach out to people on Twitter and Facebook at different time zones. You can also control the number of updates, time cycle for your updates and repetition of the updates. 

Well there are other nifty features like the Buzzom badge and Buzzom desktop that make it a perfect choice for the twitter users. A more enhanced paid version called the  Buzzom Premium  provides a complete social media marketing package to boost your social media performance.

The tools are worth trying, Give Buzzom a spin and let it take care of your Twitter profile!

InRev Systems, the owner of Buzzom and NXY, has decided to release the code for Twitter Client Buzzom Desktop for FREE to the willful individual developers and companies. The only condition attached to the code is an agreement that the product built over it will have NXY.IN as the default URL Shortener.

The product is built in Microsoft .Net Framework, and it runs only in Windows OS. We release the code for FREE at the current stage but reserve the right not to release future versions or updates. We may however choose to make updates open as well.

This step is taken by InRev Systems to bring more innovation in the Twitter Application Space. We are looking to catch the interest of more individual contributors. InRev Systems does not guarantee correctness of the code, and will not be responsible for future support as well. Interested parties can email us, get the code and build over it.

You can apply for the code by sending a mention tweet to @inrev_buzzom or email to

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