Capture configuration Entries through Gap-Capture

This tip will shine some light on the concept of performing a “Gap Capture”. Let’s start with a simple equation: GAP CAPTURE = SOURCE APPLICATION – CAPTURED MSI.

Basically, a Gap Capture is the difference between a Source Application and Captured MSI.

When do we do this??

You have done the setup capture but your MSI fails in Functionality Testing. One reason could be that some files or registry is missing in your package. To capture the LEFT OUT entries, we need to do GAP capture.

How do I do this ??

1. Install Captured MSI of the Application on your system.
2. RUN Setup Capture and take the SnapShot.
3. Install Source Application over it.
4. Now finish the Capture (SnapShot of OS+MSI+Source Application)

What you’ve captured in the WSI is now a GAP Capture.

What Next??

First re-build the machine and install your earlier packaged MSI. If the Gapcaptured content is a registry entry or a file. just add this entry in the machine and launch the application shortcut. If it launches fine..its a Bingo!

Now, add this content to the MSI. Many a times, it can also be beause of an autoupdation of an ini file. In this case, install the source application and extract the ini files into your package and check for its functionality. I reckon, these steps will help !!!

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