Google Buzz – A new way to start conversation about Stuffs which Impresses you!

Whenever we see something really interesting, Most of us like to share. And we predominantly share it online using our Facebook status, Twitter update, Instant Messenger etc.. Google yesterday unvelied, a soooper cool tool called Google Buzz.

Google Buzz LogoBuzz is a brand new way to start conversation about stuff that interests you, while sharing various updates such as photos and videos with your family and friends among others.  Buzz is a part of Gmail, and it uses the friends whom you have already mailed. You automatically follow the people, whom you email and chat the most. When you say something through an update – You can choose whether to make it public to the world, ot share it only among bunch of your friends.

Google Buzz - Choosing Privacy Settings

Buzz goes beyond status messages, you can share images, feeds, play videos inline, flip through images in full screen mode. You can now connect Buzz with Picassa, Flickr, Twitter and Google Reader all in one place!

The best part of the experience being the responses to the post, you get to see all the comments and feedbacks directly on your inbox, so that you do not miss them. You could respond right from the inbox itself to keep the conversation going.

You can check Google Buzz here – Buzz is also available on selected cellphones! – You can check it here from your mobile browser –

Google is still in the process of rolling it out worldwide! So if you don’t see it in your Gmail account yet, check back soon!

There is a lot of talk happening on Google Buzz already on the Social media sphere, Few of the comments are like,

“Hope, Buzz makes its presence and doesnt go down like the wave”,

“Buzz is nice but costly to move my existing secret contacts over.!”,

“Buzz is for Today, Wave was for tomorrow!”,

“Google was smart to add Buzz to Gmail and integrated all their home apps in it. It might do better than Google Wave for sure.”

“In buzz, I dont like the comments to come to my inbox, its annoying”

Well, Buzz is nice! If you ask me whether is it a replacement for Twitter, and will I stop Tweeting and use Buzz? The answer will be a No. I would love to integrate my Twitter onto Buzz, as my followers are more than my friends in my gmail box. Moreover, Twitter is much rich with its Hash Tags, Search Abilities, “You dont need to follow someone, if they do!”.  Buzz looks powerful, once when people start using it more, we will know the real power of it!

A cool thing about Buzz is that you don’t have to create a new account or profile for this. Most of your friends have a gmail account. So you don’t have to send any friend requests!

I would recommend you to check this Article, which describe the Hands On Review with Google Buzz using an Iphone. You can also have a look at this short video, to understand how Google Buzz works!