Most Common ICEs found while Package Validation in Re-packaged applications

If you repackage an installation with any version of Installshield AdminStudio, and when you try to validate it,  you will most certainly see..

ICE33 – This ICE is caused by the fact that repackager adds COM related information into the registry table as supposed to the Microsoft recommended Class ID, Prog ID and Type Lib tables. This Error can be safely ignored as the application should work properly as your com information will be registered via the Registry table.

ICE64 – This ICE warns about directories created under the User Profile folder not being specified in the RemoveFile table. So for example if your msi package contains [AppDataFolder]mydir or [PersonalFolder]mysubfolder, ensure that ‘mydir’ & ‘mysubfolder’ are specified in the RemoveFile table. Doing so will ensure that they get removed at uninstallation time.

ICE57 – If you have a component in your msi package that contains both per-user & per-machine data e.g if the component is installing a file to [AppDataFolder] and also contains a registry key being installed under HKLM. you can expect to see this Error/Warning. The ideal thing to do is separate User data from machine data into separate components. Anytime you have a component that is installing to a User Profile directory, make sure that the component does not contain a key file. This component should instead have a key path. This component should contain a registry key under the HKCU hive, set as the key path. If your msi package does not contain any registry keys under HKCU hive, create a dummy key to ensure that your user profile data is installed properly for subsequent user logging on the machine.

ICE50 – This ICE usually occurs when your installation tool is unable to extract icon from the Icon file specified in the shortcut. Sometimes InstallShield Editor displays this error. The best way to work around it is to specify an Exe or different ico file in the shortcut to extract the icon from.

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